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MAPILab Toolbox

A set of 18 Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003/2007 add-ins

MAPILab ToolboxOverview

The set of 18 different add-ins for high-performance and convenient activity with your Microsoft Outlook.

The Brief of MAPILab Toolbox components:
1. File Fetch will help you to access files on your computer via e-mail.
2. File Send Automatically sends specified files to a specified address if they are modified.
3. Attachments Forget reminds you to attach a file if it detects certain key words in message.
4. E-mail Scheduler - you can schedule the e-mails to be sent with attachments.
5. Task E-mail Scheduler allows you to link e-mail messages to tasks automatically.
6. Email Reminder - get reminders about your meetings and tasks sent to your pager, cell phone or PDA!
7. Batched Mail specifies the time interval for sending your messages and the maximum number of messages to be sent during an hour.
8. Contacts Journaling enables journaling for all contacts in all folders at once.
9. Mailing List Services - allows you to store addresses in various file formats, add them to an address book, your contacts or a mailing list.
10. Message AutoFill - automate the filling of fields in a new message!
11. vCard Converter saves your data in the vCard format and updates your contacts using the data in the vCard format.
12. Attachment Options will allow you to specify the types of attachments that should be treated as secure or insecure.
13. Hide Fax Numbers allows hiding the fax numbers from the contact Details list.
14. Subscription Manager: your respondents can manage their subscription to your mailing lists on their own!
15. Find and Replace is used for searching and replacing data in Outlook folders.
16. Email Redirect gives you the possibility to redirect messages: a new recipient will see the message exactly like you see it.
17. Send if Approved gives you the possibility to control specified outgoing messages and send them only after approval.
18. Reminders Assistant allows you to set reminders for each and every folder including embe


Fixed some bugs.

MAPILab ToolboxInformation

File Size
Operating Systems
Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, NT
System Requirements
No additional system requirements.
Native POP3 Connector Icon
POP3 Connector for Exchange Server 2000/2003 and SBS 2000/2003
Attachments Processor for Outlook Icon
Addon for Microsoft Outlook for managing of attached files.
Duplicate Email Remover Icon
Delete duplicate emails and posts in Outlook and Microsoft Exchange folders
Mail Merge Toolkit Icon
Microsoft Office add-in to improve mail merging in Outlook, Word and Publisher
MAPILab Reports for Exchange Server Icon
Software solution for reports on Exchange servers activity and messaging.
Actual Contacts for Outlook Icon
Microsoft Outlook add-in for validating and updating your address book.
File Send Automatically Icon
A set of 18 Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003/2007 add-ins.
Email Scheduler Icon
A set of 18 Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003/2007 add-ins.
Turbo-Mailer Icon
Mass mail software for sending bulk email. Supports personalization variables.
eMailTrackerPro Icon
Trace email messages back to the sender, spam filter can stop emails server side
Email Extractor Outlook Icon
Extracts email addresses from MS Outlook and .PST Files.
Umailer Icon
It allows you to send e-mails from both fake and real addresses.
Export Messages to MBOX for Outlook Icon
Save Outlook e-mails to MBOX files retaining the original folder structure.
OutTwit Icon
can update your Twitter status and follow your friends.
JC-Email List Verify Icon
Programa que verifica se os enderecos de uma lista de emails realmente existem
Viewer for TNEF-files (winmail.dat) Icon
To extract all information from tnef-file (created in MS Outlook)